Freitag, September 19, 2008

I am an Apple!

September 19/08 8:41 a.m.

You do not believe me? Now here, listen: Two days ago there had been this fruit and potatoes vendor from the "Alte Land", a region near Hamburg famous for its apple orchards, ringing at our door. Normally we have our gate closed, but I had been in a hurry (stupid ladies lunch) and had left the gate open to take my car out. So there he was, smiling nicely, offering me a piece of apple to taste (like snowwhite, eh?) and our stupid "watchdog" made friends with him right away . Usually I have no problem with getting rid of unwanted visitors at our doorstep, but like I said, in a hurry etc. So, the sample tasted good and the kilo price had been right, I told him I would buy some. Turned out the minimum amount would have been 20 kg, well with a household twindled down to two oldies and a dog who does not go for apples I said NO.T he nice guy then offered to sell me the half amount and I could keep them in the basement over winter, they would not rot etc. So, as I mentioned- in a hurry - I said o.k.ok. and made the deal. He then offered me a "present as a new customer of another sample of apples, which he would let me have for free. So I told him to just leave those in front of the door, since I really started to be short of time. To my surprise I then found the same load I had bought as a present. And this morning in bed I started calculating again and it dawned on me that the nice guy had cheated me in a very sneaky way, the "present" I had paid for too, since I had paid the double price for the ones I had really bought. You follow me? Now things like that happen when you are in a hurry and now I am into apples, eating them gallore, keeping ten doctors away at least, making apple sauce, apple pie, apple desert, apple jelly (messing up my complete kitchen on the go) and those damn apples won't get less, have the feeling I am still left with 40 kg of apples. Offered some to my neighbour as a present, oh no, she had bought some too, offered some to my daughter - oh mom, we have our own apple tree! (forgot that with their rented place goes a little orchard across from their home) -
Might put up a stall at the market place of our village ( now this is a joke) .
And what teaches us this whole story? Never make deals when you are in a hurry.
Happy that I did not buy potatoes too!

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