Sonntag, September 07, 2008

A Shot into the Oven

September 7/08 2:11 p.m.

That had been our steak dinner last nite. We decided to try this new steakhouse, the media has been raving about on tv and in the papers. The meat comes from Nebraska+USA and they offer different cuts from the ones used around here. Well, the place had been packed and the service friendly, but as to the food: the meat was o.k. moml's not cooked enough (they offered to put it on the grill again), the sour cream had a strange taste to it and the desert they really fooled up. We ordered a mousse au chocolat (not a challenge for a normal kitchen), first it did not come and after complaining they brought something(claiming they were out of mousse, mind you, were had been early, the first guests)which we could not quite figure out what it should have been, we decided on a dish beat up from some prefix powder. We got that for free, but never mind, if you go out for dinner,you want the food you order and it should taste good, not a replacement for free, even if it would have been good. And the invoice in the end trippled the ones we usually had,when we had a steak dinner at the Block House, where we always had been satisfied up to now. Naturally the ambiente can not be compared, but if I have the choice between better food or better ambiente, the food wins.
Today is my (long deceased) mother's birthday. I remember those family reunions with a set coffeetable in the garden and we always had prune cake. Nice memories...The prune cake we will have today too, but the weather is far from inviting to sit out in the garden.

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