Samstag, September 18, 2010

Another Tale from the Past

September 18/10.......9:05 a.m.

Sometimes long forgotten incidents from the past pop up in my mind, funny or not so funny. Anyway, here is a funny one I want to share.
The time of our lifes, when we lived in Vancouver B.C. my job had been to distribute goods arriving per vessel from Far East for our customers all over Canada. One of them, the real name does not matter, called himself in his correspondence"Abraham, the chicken thief"  and addressed his enveloppes to "Freddie Mills and his bowlegged cuties" . Herr Husband favoured Freddie so much that he decided to take the name as his second first name - and it sticks to him still nowadays.
One time, I can not remmember why, the chicken  thief  got steaming mad at me (the man seemed to run quite a temper) and he sent me a message, saying: Mrs. S. , you are unadultary stupid. - I could have wrung his neck,but...he had been the customer, so I ground my teeth and kept my mouth shut.
I never met the guy face to face, still up to today I wish I had.

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