Mittwoch, September 22, 2010

The Monkey

September 22/10......7:56 p.m.

Gee, do we ever have a great September time right now,  temperatures,which one could wish for summer and also mild nights. Great for having a leisurely glass of wine outside , looking into our little garden and missing the "wilderness". Yes, friends, every other year we have to have our gardener trimm and cut our trees and hedges and one of his helpers, they call him the monkey, is very good at cutting everything into shape again. Nevertheless Landfrau has tears in her eyes every time. Like I said, I miss the wilderness. I know by now that everything will grow back, but for me right now it looks very neat and...naked. But nothing against the monkey, he has a feeling for cutting and trimming into shape and it will look very nice next summer. But this guy gives me the willies when he is up in the trees, in no way secured. Fortunately this year again we did not have to scrape him from the ground.
So now we have two more seasons to go - thank heavens!

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