Dienstag, Dezember 07, 2010

Come on Leg!

December 7/10......7:05 p.m.

I am getting impatient! Every morning I inspect my effn leg and I think, yipee...improvement but as soon as I start walking around there it goes again, remembering that it should rather stick to the elephant look. The dilema is, that for the knee I should do a lot of walking around, to build up the muscles, but for the ankle it is rest and icepads. I have not yet found the proper way to combine both.
 At least our water leak in the kitchen,which according to our plumber had been a broken pipe, and he only could look after earliest next year, and till then, don't use the water in the kitchen, turned out to be simply a loose sealing gaiter, found out by the second plumber we called. - Climbing on ladders and/or chairs is still out, so no trimming of the X-mas tree. We have to look at the one at daughter's place. Have not baked a single cookie yet and since I can not drive a car, have not gotten one misely X-mas present. There are still two more weeks left, so no panic,or?
I am trying to think positive, the emphasis is on trying.

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