Mittwoch, Dezember 15, 2010

Baking X-mas Cookies

December 14/10......7:05 p.m.

To begin with, I hate baking X-mas cookies and above all those work intensive ones, I think I can not stop talking about in a post around X-mas time. Fortunately I am done with for this year and I vividly remember one time, when like in those cute tv series, mom bakes cookies together with the kids, oh, how darling! Daugther no.2, about 10 at that time, invited a friend and after they started to mess around terribly they decided that they rather would like to watch tv and guest kid out of no reason bit my ass and out of reflex (that really hurt, you know) I slapped her face. Fortunately her mother had been in agreement with me. Well, that had been the end of the baking session.
 And another year we had a refugee (the time there had been the war trouble in the Balkan countries) business friend from Montenegro of Herr Husband as a guest around  X-mas time and since that guy was bored sitting around our place, Herr Husband being off to work, he trailed me about everywhere I went - except the bathroom - and he got me so confused talking me up while I had been mixing the dough, that only after the cookies sat in the oven, I noticed that I had forgotten to put in the ground almonds.
There are other stories if I dig around in my memory. Never mind, this year miracolously my Vanille Kipferl turned into flat cookies in the oven, I watched them facinated though the window. That never happened before and, thief's honour, I stuck to the recipe like a siamese twin.

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