Samstag, Dezember 01, 2007


December 1/07 8:45 a.m.
Promises must be kept, now here is the recipe:
(and, I do not seem to be a gifted photographer of foodstuff,this is the best I could do)-

500 gramms flower (fine)
160 gr. finely ground almonds
250 gr. honey
125 gr. sugar
125 gr.butter
each 5 gramms powdered cloves,cinnamon,ingwer,cardamon
ground lemon peel (1/2 lemon)

5 gramms Kaliumcarbonat
5gramms Ammoniumhydrogencarbonat
(to be dissolved eather in rosewater or rum(for the alcoholics ;0) !)
very strong smell,but dont worry, wont taste it later on.Has to be put through a haresief and added to the doughmixture - important!!)

mix flower,almonds and spices and the smelly stuff
bring to a boil (important) honey and sugar ,let cool off
mix dough till it can be rolled out (in case too crumbly,add a bit more honey)
form cookies (with former)
bake 10 to 12 minutes in preheated oven medium heat

still hot, put on icing ,mixed with lemon juice and water to taste

....and do not taste right away,let sit for a day or two

Like me, they get better by age.

And now..good luck! (if you still want to try it)
Oh yes, and store in a cookie-jar at a cool place.

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