Freitag, November 30, 2007


November 30/07 5:44 p.m.

Chained myself to the oven and started the task of baking my first, most workintensive, timerobbing assortment of X-mas cookies. While working, every year the same stories come to my mind. When we lived - in our younger years - in Vancouver B.C., the first Christmas away from home I had to bake cookies, young housewife's honour!
My efforts ended up with cookies, which even the bears in the Stanley Park refused to eat, And there had been honey as one of the ingredients, mind you! I think that must have traumatisized me for lifetime, only thinking of cookie baking makes me brake out in a rush!-
Oh yes, and then there had been that year, when we had a refugee friend from former Jugoslavia staying with us, he had fled the country and no place to go at the time. So, Srecko, if he was not on the phone with his girlfriend, trailed me like a puppy. Man of the house at that time did not yet have the wonderful position of a retiree, so S. had been pretty bored and , as I said, had been at my heels all the time. Decided to keep me company while I had been "cookieing", I got distracted and forgot to put the pulverizised almonds into the dough. Tried later on to mix the stuff into the frosting, had not been the real mcoy, though.
Have some more stories up my sleeve, but never mind.
Well friends, by now I have improved and my cookies are a must with the family, so there I am, every year again.
And for the interested ones I will let you have the recipe tomorrow, to lazy now to pick it up downstairs. And myself, I will reward now with a "schnaps" (shot), only smelling that sweet cookie - stuff makes me, ugh..

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