Freitag, November 23, 2007

And the Winner is...

November 23/07 8:50 a.m.

....DEBITEL - on my personal "shit list" .
Started out with that Debitel (my cell phoneprovider)put in a "present" which consists of a software,that you can put an "Adventskalender"* online and send it to 10 recipients. Now Landfrau (gee, I love to play around with such gadgets,you might have noticed) slaved over that piece last weekend. First,after downloading all 24 pics, it did not work, would not transfer. Then, miracle, suddenly, bingo! - So, shipped calender off, checked it, everything fine. Next day sister-in-law phoned that she only could see a void page. Checked, did not work, only for me, big deal! Chased out a mail,apologizing to my friends,not my fault etc.etc. and mind you ,a day later,whole carboodle worked again. So, another mail to the,by now I suppose, pretty anoyed friends. - Very embarassing!
So, only hope, the miracle calender finally works on the 1st of December!

*...for my Overseas' friends, an "Adventscalender" is a present you give to friends, family (or yourself) You open one door every day till X-mas. Mostly they are filled with chocolate, but there is no limit to your fantasy, like - diamonds are a girls best friend! So my calender is virtual,which limits it to pictures.

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