Dienstag, November 27, 2007

Suburban X-mas Shopping

November 27/07 6:07 p.m.

Mind you, first time since we live in this region, I tried out our neighbour town Krefeld. -Without doubt, parking is easier (more places) and cheaper, the stores are much closer together and one or the other item one might even get at a more reasonable price, but....call me a snob, I just like the ambience of downtown Düsseldorf, nothing beats that for me. And my feet are fuming nevertheless, but considering I would have gotten all those presents, I bought today, in Düsseldorf, I would be without feet!

And next time I will cover my hair with a scarf, so I will fit in with all the Turkish women, milling around in Krefeld, always 3 paces dragging behind their men.

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