Samstag, November 10, 2007

In the Eye of the Hurricane

November 10/07 12:20 p.m.

That's what it felt like for Landfrau, biking in the windshade of the dike*this morning with Herr Hund. But that changed dramatically when we reached the top of the levy.Wind almost blew us away, like the" Flying Robert" from Shockheaded Peter. The pilars of the new bridge (still call it new bridge, it is 5 years old by now) lokked like a rocket launching station against the grey and white flying clouds. Saw a wild goose ,which must have lost connection to its crowd,and a seagull, yes, we have them here at the riverside! - No one around except an other lady with a labrador dog, which decided to beat up Herr Hund, who in turn became ferocious towards a little "mops" just to get even (in my opinion not a sign of heroism of Herr Hund!) later on. Herr Hund took no damage, thanks to his "plenty of" fur, which he happily sheds around the house at the moment. Change into winter outfit!
Man of the house, who hardly ever leaves the cave, does not know what he is missing!

* P.S. - Now there I have a problem with dyke and dike, same goes for flee and fly. Well, nobody is perfect! (call me:nobody - little joke on the side!)

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