Samstag, Oktober 15, 2011

Do I want to be home again?

October 15/11.......5:53 p.m.

It is, as always, a win-win thing. I love to be someplace else, but also I love to be back home.  What I do not love is the amount of work shouting for me.  But hanging around being spoiled is not such a thrilling life either, after a while - anyways, not for me.  Our Luxembourg hangout, the Hotel Leweck, had been fun and mostly relaxation, massages, swimming, good food and wine . No walks,this time, and that's where I missed very much my faithful companion, Herr Hund . Lots of fun we had at dinnertime. Since we had not been visiting the place for quite a while,there had been a change of waiters in the restaurant. The headwaiter, whom we call Obama among ourselves, that very goodlooking black guy, still had been there, also another one, whom we call Sarkozy, a friendly guy who always gave you a wink and a smile. But the new crowd, we really had a giggle about every nite. One guy we baptized the food whisperer, he always kept talking to the food he was carrying around  but the top of the pops had been the one we called the shuffler, he scuffed around with his mouth open carrying the food till it had been cold and then he returned with his plates to the kitchen. We alway made bets if the plates would make it to the proper guests. And talking about guests, we had a real laugh. Got to be talking to a couple we had been meeting at another of our visits and I said to the lady that I thought  the food was delicious but always too much and she misunderstood and very anoyed asked me if I thought she was eating too much. Well, I could have told her, that now, as she mentions it, she does, but as a polite person I clarified the misunderstanding, not without laughing pretty hard.  So you see, we had been not bored whatsoever. -
Now the win-win back home gifted us with mad Max for the weekend, the family is busy hockeywise in Munich, where the German championships  - boy group (14 years) -take place, and the team, where grandson is the captain, is in the finals. We followed up the game in the internet  live ticker and this way learned, that the captain had been carried away on a strecher, not after he had been good for 2 goals.   Hopefully he will be allright tomorrow , it had been cramps in the leg, which can be very painfull. I can sing a song about that - happens to me sometimes during the night, then I take a run through the house. And now I have to take a run with mad Max, otherwise he might be running out.

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