Samstag, Oktober 08, 2011

New Bag - new Trip

October 8/11....8.50 a.m.

Yes , a new trolley asks for a trip, even if the weather does not play along. But who wants to be immodest? Not me!  As I always say, you can not have everything. Herr Husband gifted me with that very nice  BRIC'S   bag and I should make use of it, agreed? Tomorrow we will leave for our     Luxembourg hideout,    and never mind the weather, the place is just gorgeous even without sunshine. The only drop of bitterness - first time we will be going there without Herr Hund, somehow it had been "his place" too, Landfrau and him loved our walks in the isolated woods where I will not venture this time without my guardian. But I will take swims in that lovely pool, where you can swim from the inside into the outside pool, have myself treated to some massages , visit the turkish and sauna baths and enjoy that wonderful food and the drinks and talks in the bar in front of the fireplace. Gracious living!
So now I have the hard decision to make what not to pack - fortunately the bag is not THAT big.
And today is my father's birthday, happy birthday dad, wherever you are! Will always remember,when you burned a hole into my new lounge chair with your cigar on your birthday!  Today I think it was funny.

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