Dienstag, August 20, 2013


August 20/13....6.00 p.m.

It is one of those days that I have the feeling to explode if I do no leave the house somehow.Well, there also is a necessitity of bread and oranges. I like it,if I have a destination ,even if it is only our boring little village. Always enjoy it when Ann is around at the veggie shop ,she is from GB and a friend of my daughter Gisa. She is always so overjoyed to see me, hugs and talks no end about nothing. Very refreshing!  Bought a piece of prune cake for Herr H. and my Laugencroissant for tomorrow morning's breakfast, a sin I know, but what the heck, you live but once. Since I had already been on my hate bike this morning, the one without the E (el.motor)  I think I could afford a treat. On my ride this morning I passed the Fährhaus, that place has been empty now all summer, such a shame for this great location right at the riverbanks, with its's garden restaurant, we so enjoyed going there for lunch spontaneously. Now only the fancy hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is left which has not the right choice of food for our taste.  Riding on the levee you can watch very nicely the old villas being torn down in big properties and new glasspalaces being put up. In a way a shame. I do not like it,when the old surroundings vanish.  A wide net of bridle paths has been set up where we used to ride in the wild, but at least the river is the same and the ferry is still running from shore to shore. The weather has a touch of autumn already and sitting outside in the evening you can forget about. All fitting for my blue day today.

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