Freitag, November 01, 2013

A Prank

November 1/13,no, not Halloween, Herr H. is no doubt able to practice prancs without a given reason. 
Well, judge for yourselves. 
Around this time of the year my car needs a tire change and usually Herr H. takes my car to the service shop. Since he had taken another tumble the previousday I did not quite trust him with my little car. He always claims anyway that he can not drive it (not automatic and the pedals are too small  - which makes me remark that it is not a toy car, other adults drive it also ) - anyway, I took him along to pay at least the bill. The shop usually serves breakfast during waiting time, a nice service, along with morning papers, quite convinient! - So we sat down for our meal and Herr H. had to visit the bathroom. I had my coffee, a nice fresh roll with different things and had a nice chat with the counter guy. After a very long time my dear husband appeared, claiming that he was totally sweaty. It so had happened, that he ,always needing something to hold on to get off the seat, had grabbed the doorhandle which came off and he catapulted right back onto the seat and had himself locked in...door without handle! So he sat there and waited for help but no one showed up and with many efforts got the handle back into the door, he had to be very careful not to push it out on the other side, then he really would have been imprisoned.  You can imagine that I laughed me head off and he still complains up to today that I did not check on him.."There she sat,having leisurely breakfast not giving a damn that I did not show up" he keeps telling everyone. 
But the car had been ready by the time he showed up again.

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