Montag, November 25, 2013

The Magic of X-mas

November 25/11...10:24 am

On Facebook, mostly among my U S friends, there is a (rather silly - if you ask me ) game going on. you are given a number and according to the number you have to answer questions about yourself. Well, I played along and one answer I came up with has been "I do not like Xmas". Actually I should have voiced it differently. I have lost my feeling for Xmas because I miss the magic of the Christmas of my childhood.  Christmas time had been covered with a sense of expectations, whispered secrets ,smells of baking of goodies hidden away and crisp cold and snowflakes outside. And oh, that day of X-mas eve when the doors to the locked up room were opened and the smell of burning wax candles and fresh green of the X-ms tree filled the house! - And that first moment of suspense if the wishes had been fulfilled! - 

I have lost that magic to a commercialized celebration where in vain I am looking for the spirit of X-mas

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