Samstag, September 30, 2006

A Beautiful Town or Phoenix out of Ashes

September 30 /06 4:30 p.m.

..That is Dresden, city full of childhood memories. My favoured aunt and more aunts and uncles from my mother's side lived there. Us kids used to visit during school holidays, and we always looked forward to staying with my aunt, she had no kids of her own, and she spoiled us rotten. Well, times long gone, and there are not even graves left. Since I grew up later on in the western part of the divided Germany, there had been no more chance to go and visit with my relatives in Dresden. However our aunt was allowed to come and see us "Westerners", once she had reached the age of beeing a retiree. Those people the communist system was not afraid to loose. -Even as a child, I had been fascinated by that beautiful Frauenkirche, which had been totally destroyed in that awful bomb raid of February 1945. But now it has been reconstructed as beautiful as ever, and...hold on to your seats, folks, we will be there for a concert coming Saturday! Great? You bet! -
We will take a flight very early Saturday morning and we will be coming back on Tuesday, which will give us time to look around. Unfortunately there were no more tickets to be had for the "Grüne Gewölbe", which must be a marvellous sight in the new, old setting in the castle. We had seen the exhibition in the interim settings in 1994,the first time we had been together in Dresden after the war.

So, my new camera will be in action again, hopefully to produce great pics!

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