Sonntag, September 24, 2006

Hunt the Ham

September 24/06 3:33 p.m.

Yes, you have been looking right, we have been ham-hunting. Longer story, but worth reading.
When we had been in Luxembourg at the same time last year to celebrate our friends double anniversary, they invited the whole party into a restaurant in a little village,right at some riverbanks, for a lunch of simply smoked and cooked ham, pickles and fresh bread, great! And in the same building there had been a butchers shop, selling all those food-goodies.- So, this year, we decided to drive there and buy that ham to take home. Smart Landfrau looked at the map and decided, the name of the village must have been Esch-sur-Sure, there is a river and a castle. Only an about 18 kms drive from our hotel,if you do not run into deviations, which we did, in such a way, that after about an hour a roadcrossing looked kind of familiar, and bingo, it turned out to be the one leading to our hotel in a few houndred meters. No sweat, being on vacation, we made a new start and with the help of a couple of construction workers ,who told us, which deviations had deviations, we finally made it to Esch-sur-Sure. Took us about 2 hours, by that time we could have hit Meerbusch. Only the place looked kind of unfamiliar and the restaurant must have gone broke, including the butcherie, so we phoned our friends, who told us that we should have gone to Vianden, a place with a river and a castle (found out, that this must be a trademark in Lux.) only Vianden was about the same distance from our hotel, only opposite direction. -
Well, like I said, beeing on vacation, we decided to continue this nice sightseeing tour,took us uphill and downhill,winding roads and high plateaus, thru little places with no people but an abundance of cows. And we found Vianden! and we got our ham!which by now is really dwindelling away and we keep accusing each other of greediness.
So,that's the ham story. Aside from that we had a good time beeing spoiled in every way, foodwise and health treatment wise. Landfrau felt 10 years jounger (a twen??) but lost 5 years yesterday again slaving away.
The copied menu should make your mouth water, and for the ones not beeing able to cope with the french language,they are just lucky, they wont get envious.

Coming home, we found our two goldfish, Max and Moritz, still alive,they probably enjoy having the pond all by themselves, bastards! and the old gelding horse has decided he is a stallion now and is busy,trying to make his harem,the two mares, happy, loosing lots of weight in the effort. Anyway, there are worse ways to slim down,am I right?

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