Donnerstag, September 07, 2006

September Song

September 07/06 4:02 p.m.

No, I'm not talking about that great song by Sammy Davis, Jr., from whom I still hold a most cherished 45 single, dating back 1956, but about my own ,personal September song about Birthday party, Pflaumenkuchen ( the translation prune cake of this deleecious pastry just won't do justice) sitting in the last warm rays of sun in my parents' garden and of wasps, enjoying "Pflaumenkuchen" alongside with us. And, of course the cake had to be topped with whipped cream,nice,yummy, fattening! - Also used to be a day of family gathering, the kids still small and romping around in the garden. My father had set up a swing and the sandbox for the small fry. - Nice memories! - My mother, having been a very stern mother for us three kids, ( I had been into the subject) turned into a marvellous adoring grandmother, probably the lack of resposibility did the trick. -
The weather always had been great, we had such a day yesterday, and have been promised more for the weekend by the weatherman. Had been a long day for me yesterday, a patientpick- up at 8:00 a.m. at the clinic in beloved Krefeld, and had to walk the dog before. Woke up very early and decided to get up instead of dozing off again, would have never made it then in time. I think it's keen, kicking out patients at such an early hour. Took the opportunity to visit a nice at the maternity ward, who has to wait out her time for the arrival of her baby-son , he wanted to show up too early into this world, now the little mom is stuck and claiming, that she is outliving her own "groundhog" day -time. So, all of you, keep your fingers crossed for her!

And we are planning on a small trip (hopefully), in two weeks time. I believe it, when I'm there, more about it some other time!

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