Montag, Februar 12, 2007

Look, our Midget!

February 12/07 The Weather Pixie: Niederrhein

Now, is'nt it cute? And what a relief, it will not outgrow us during our lifetime and no hurricane will take hold of it. Have considered today to give it some company later on in spring.But right now looking forward to the world's smallest and most famous mardi -gras parade in Schweinheim and you will meet Landfrau there as the most famous bar -tendress, come have a look, I am my best own customer, provided the weather is cold enough that I want to dig into hot spiced wine. -
Was a hard day today,not only housecleaning,the monday score,but cooking lunch for our "boss" (grandson),whom granddad picked up at school, since mummy still had been on the road back home from a skiing holiday,where she had her skies pinched. Alas,shit happens. And then my help was needed in mathematics,boy, I am out of practice! get the result of 13,by using only the number 4 for calculation ,you are allowed ( ) calculation,like (4+4+4-4) etc. ,so lets see if you are smart, good luck!


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