Samstag, Februar 24, 2007

Weekend,on the go

February 24/07 3:03 p.m.

Looking out of the window at :
white clouds,blue sky, our capped pine tree,bare neighbourhood trees and a fat pigeon.Saw the first "crocusse" today,taking my daily walks with Herr dog. -

Read in the blog diary of Nikolaus Piper,correspondent for "Süddeutsche Zeitung"in New York about a guide, called WICKED GERMAN FOR THE TRAVELLER. So, take notice, my English speaking friends:
Penalties for insulting other drivers,calling them: Damischer Bulle $ 2760
Knolle $ 425
Rchtfrtzlkraut, whatever this? is $ 100
For 99 cent you can say WICHTIGTUER twice.

And,as a weekend treat, some music samples from Sophie Auster , listen in, I think we will hear more of her in the near future!

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