Montag, Januar 14, 2008

Frau Merkel had been there

January 14/08 7:52 p.m.

...and quite some other VIPs, and in June it will be Landfrau,companion and Herr Hund. I am talking bout Heiligendamm - Kempinski Hotel. And we can cancel up to two days before arrival,which is good, if you think about our dilemas from the previous year and the year before that one. This coast and countryside is pretty unknown to us up to now, time to change that. The only problem will be the weather, but you do not have to start the no-rain dance yet, my friends. - Oh yes, then in July we will make our Holland trip with our youngest grandson, which has turned into an institution by now. We are thrilled,that he still wants to travel with the oldies! - Other small weekend trips might pop up on the go, no flying and no overseas travels are on the list. That's it.

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