Sonntag, Januar 27, 2008

Shock in the Morning

January 27/08 4:30 p.m.

Boy, sometimes things happen, you think they do not excist. Started out with having our sporadic houseguest,grandson no.2, for overnite. He likes to sleep in Landfrau's room,which is my utility chamber for retiring,dressing,painting,listening to my music etc. Anyway, room had been occupied,therefore I undressed in the hallway for the night. Now the story gets a bit weird and kind'o difficult to explain, I will try anyway. A few days ago I found some kindof pads, soft plastic, which you can use to put under the straps of your bra, so the things wont slip. Ugly but convinient. Now, this morning, I found one of the gadgets right next to my bed, presumed Herr Hund had put it there,playing around with it. Of course undressing, had completely forgotten about the things (which actually shows that they serve their purpose,beeing useful without beeing noticed) and they both had fallen down. Started looking for the second thing, no deal, vanished. I looked about the house from first floor to basement,nada. The only solution, Herr Hund had gobbled it up (he loves the smell of perfume and body lotion, queer!) . We were about to phone our vet to find out what to do, and if there was anything to do. My breakfast was left almost untouched, I had been so upset. Decided then, to comb through the house about the fifth time, and, surprise,surprise,found the damn thing in the bathtub. Since it is white,it blended perfectly with the tub. Have we all ever been relieved! -
And Herr Hund still pretends he has swallowed the device,if you ask him!

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