Sonntag, Januar 20, 2008


January 20/08 2:04 p.m.

...bored, lazy. Had a dream last nite, where fell asleep during a theater play, very symtomatic, falling asleep in my sleep! - Had been downtown last week, cause, as mostly, my beloved denstist - ( ich freu mich drauf) - now this, and take note, profi-blogger son-in-law,is the most stupid (radio) advertising I have ever heard. Who is looking forward to having your teeth pulled out and artificial ones put in, unless you have a mouth full of teeth like Jürgen Vogel, but this guy seems to regard his appearance mouthwise as a trademark. - But I am getting off the subject, now - downtown - really have been in for looking and maybe buying something which transfers the feeling of spring, but no, all show windows decorated with "sales" - up to 30%! - mind you, but I am fed up with dark,black stuff, I have plenty of anyway. (Not next fall,though, but that's how the ball bounces).
Herr Hund knocked over one of my pretty heavy pots of roseplants in the garden today, it started rolling downhill watched by a fascinated dog,who then eyed me sidewise, awaiting a "talking to". Had been too lazy even for that. -
Man of the house sleeping around in various chairs in the house is not much help nor encouragement.

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