Dienstag, August 05, 2008

The one Day Summer - Summer

August 5/08 7:17 p.m.

At least we had been lucky during our little vacation, but otherwise, summer -zilch. One day it is real nice and one prepares to set up the garden furniture and starts thinking about getting something for bar-b-que, the next day it is crowding winter again. Crazy! Today it had been one of the better days, so we took the opportunity to drive for a beer to the beach bar at the riverside, me and Herr Hund with the bike and Herr husband with the car. Memory of the broken foot on account of falling off the bike is still too fresh. From the beach bar you have a great view upon the opposite riverside, similar to the view in my present header. Herr Hund tried in vain to join the pack of other dogs frolicing around, but he seems to be the outsider kid with the spectacles, mobbed by all the others, they just ignore him. And he is so eager to join in! Poor kid, eh dog, I should say!

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