Montag, August 25, 2008

Short Trip and lots of Action

August 25/08 4:50 p.m.

Had visited with the young family for the baptizing of little Miss Sunshine. It has been a very nice and successful event and the garden party on account of the occasion was a hit. Old and young ones mixed very well and our little lady had been the star. The weather played along too (thank you all - dancers!), food had been great and the cake buffet could outdo every fancy cafe-restaurant.

We stayed at our little country inn in the neighbouring village and Herr Husband is always good for a surprise. Last nite, it still had been pitchdark, I was woken up by a voice asking me to switch on the light because someone had lost his bearings and was sitting on the floor. So happened that he decided to sit down in the lounge chair to get his eyes aquainted to the dark for finding back to bed after the bathroom visit but seated himself between sofa and chair, because he mistook the two armrests for belonging to the chair(look at the pic!). Well, it had been quite a deep seat and then he could not get up anymore. But this time he at least did not break anything. Herr Hund was annoyed, that his blanket was occupied. -
Landfrau laughed so hard, she could not go back to sleep for quite a while ( little sins are punished right away).

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