Freitag, Juni 18, 2010

Mad Max, Wine Tasting and Festivities

June 18/10.....10:07 p.m.

We have some festvities coming up, the "Konfirmation" (google it s.v.p. , I am too lazy to explain) and a special birthday - not mine, thank heavens-  so some planning is looming ahead.  Daughter No. 2 (the most involved one) and me, also involved,  decided to start off with the wine tasting. So I offered to supply the bread and cheese for the stricly and family size event, unfortunately son-in-law could not be present - what a shame - but we had fun and I think we made a choice of the right wines, one red ,one white. But when I arrived with my "supplies"  bread and cheese ,mad Max(and faithful readers konw whom  I am talking about, the not soo well educated Lab-mix of our daughter) who is used that I bring him a goodie, but sometimes I forget, snatched the whole baguette out of the paper bag in my basket and had been in the starting hole to run away with it, we saved the baguette just in time. Which shows you, never get into the routine of things and then break the routine. So it has been...mea culpa!  We ate the baguette, nevertheless.

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