Samstag, Juni 12, 2010


June 12/10....9:33 p.m.

Tonite we had the spontanious idea to have dinner outside. We went to one of our favoured spots, a riverboat, moored at the riverside quite near to downtown, Herr Husband is accepted by the young owner as "big daddy"  since he has been one of his first customers. Because the soccer world championships  are going on, Germany as a whole is in soccer fever. Tonite it is GB against USA and up to now the score is 1:1. So, we have been lucky, the place not too crowded, they have a big tv screen, very convinient, you watch and eat.  Tomorrow Germany is playing, fat chance to get a place without reservation, and it is then young crowds anyway. But the two oldies got an armband tontite from the restaurant owner and it says "I've got a little CAPTAIN  in me" in black- red - gold. Tomorrow grandson (13) will kiss our feet.
And, by the way, the inscription suits me!

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