Dienstag, Juni 01, 2010

Spider Woman

June 1/10.........6:23 p.m.

So mean Herr Husband wanted to give Landfrau a fright. While leaving the house,he discovered a big spider  right in front of our entrance door. He called me to have a look and I decided to take it away, did not necessarily want to have it in the house. Till then Herr Husband still had been laughing, but then I got a fly squatter, not to kill the little monster, mind you, just to take it away , and I flipped it, only Herr Husband had been in the way and the spider was gone and he started jumping around claiming that it must be on him now.  We kept looking, no spider, but when he started to shake himself like a dog, suddenly Mr. spider fell to the ground, and where has it been running to? - right!  -  smack to the entrance door. I caught it in time and this time I made sure to carry it far enough away to safety.
Now I am spider woman - I feel great!

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