Montag, August 27, 2007

Zwinger Dresden

August 27/07 7:05 p.m.

The Zwinger in Dresden is shown in this little video, I'm very proud of, taken in October last year, during our Dresden visit. Now, some spots, like smells, trigger memories with

Landfrau and Dresden is a place where I spent memorable time during my childhood. My mother had been the joungest of 8 children (spoiled by them all) and most of them, and most of all our favorite aunt, lived in Dresden. So in summertime we kids got often shipped off for a stay with the relatives. The spoiling was transferred to us, my brother and myself and I have great memories of family get-togethers. They all had been quite plain people, but full of fun and laughter and, some of my uncles beeing hardcore communists -old school - hated Hitler no end. Of course they always made sure that we kids were out of earshot, when they had their discussions, but we had our ears on the table, so to say. What it transferred, they had been talking about, dawned on me only much later. - Of course excursions to the old part of Dresden and, most of all the Zwinger, were a must. I went back the first time after the terrible bombings when I was a teenager and we were living in the golden west already, which for us had not been so golden whatsoever,especially in the beginning in 1946. I simply hated it here, would rather have stayed in Eastern Germany with all my friends, becoming a little pioneer!

Now the grown pioneer has to circle her luggage again, one scarf and a pair of flip flops have been the result of the day, rather meager. So....3 more days till River cruise,
weather still playing along, in a way!

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