Dienstag, August 14, 2007

Water from Switzerland

August 15/07 4:47 p.m. The Weather Pixie: Niederrhein

Surprise, surprise, had not been at the riverside,where I usually take my walks with Herr Hund, for quite a while, had been into our bike tours cross country, so did not trust my eyes this morning: high water level!. Too bad, did not have my digi cam along. It is receeding though but I had to cross the little brook, where my poor horse fell in with my daughter several years ago (which started the dilema with all his aches and pains ) on rocks, put there by other people. Funny sort of weather we are having, two days summer, then winter again and vica- versa. Did not think the heavy rains in Switzerland would have affected us around here,but...

So, it's about time bad weather moves to Austria and Hungary, our new attempt at the river cruise is approaching, only 16 days left!

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