Samstag, April 05, 2008

Another naked Man and Peeping Tom

April 5/08 13:25 p.m.

My previous post made me think of another story,which happened several years ago,when we still were travelling around the United States and mainly NewMexico (the state Landfrau loves most and might never visit again :~-( *sob* sob ), but I am getting off the track, now my story:
We usually arrived at and left from Phoenix+Az and for the first and last nite used to stay at the The Buttes. They have this row of rooms, all identical, with a sliding door opening up into a garden setting,with a little terasse, two chairs, one table. - At that time,Landfrau (minus 2 kos. on account of smoking) had to share non-smoking room with m.o.m.l.(man of my life) and was chased out onto the deck for her smoke. Now it so happened,the sliding door was somehow stuck and m.o.m.l. told me to use the main door to get into the garden. Out there, I completely lost my bearings on account of the look-alike units. So I counted one out and just to make sure I had picked the right terasse to install myself at to have my smoke, I approached the window,which had jalousettes you could peek through, and there was, laying stark naked on the bed. I really was surprised, that he had undressed in such a jiffy, but when I had already raised my fist to knock I told myself,wait "no tummy" and even without my glasses figured out I had been peeking at a strange guy. In real shock I jumped backwards and ran, never mind the smoke. I just imagined if I had knocked and that guy might have called security on account of my peeping, I would not have remembered my room number and maybe not even my name out of shock. I might have ended up in the can!- Now when I stormed back into our room I threw myself onto the bed and tried to tell that I just peeked at a naked stranger. But I had been laughing so hard, that I just could not get out more than screaming: I, I.... every time I wanted to tell my story . thought I had gone bonkers and I almost peed into my pants. -
So much for NAKED MEN.

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