Dienstag, April 15, 2008

I killed it, I killed it!

April 15/08 7:57 p.m.

Last friday nite I caught a trojan (horse)! My own stupidity! Since then we have been busy,expensive expert, expert neighbour and myself. Everyone " threw the towel" ,except me, have been trying and experimenting and wow, good news, got finally hold of the fellow with the help of Kaspersky. Bad news, we have ordered a new computer in the meantime, no way out anymore, it will be delivered tomorrow. We have a very happy grandson (No.1), who will inherit this one. Well, the darling (computer) is by now 6 years old and kind of slow. Mean of cse.that we had to secure important files on discs and usb-stick, still, there will be a lot of stuff missing in the beginning,which we have to be installed anew,like my tom-tom,i-pod, camera etc. Like I alway say - shit happens-!

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