Sonntag, April 06, 2008

Treasure Hunt

April 6/08 6:13 p.m.

We had a date last nite to dine out with my brother and sister-in-law. For a change we decided to pick a fancy place, not just a simple restaurant to stuff ourselves. According to the occasion Landfrau wanted to "pretty" herself up (make an effort,anyway) for a bit. Now for that I needed some pieces of my jewellery and bingo - one of my favoured rings gone. Now girls, I think you know the feeling, you look with no result, your company arrives, you sneak out ever so often looking at places which come into your mind - in my case with no result. Well, we had to leave and all the time in the back of my mind like a "speech balloon" it blinked : ring,ring,ring. -
Arriving back home (brother and wife decided to head for their home from the restaurant) the hunt went on, I even looked in the drainage of the washing machine. By then I had decided to kiss my ring goodbye,mentally, and then it dawned on me to look into a basket, where I had emptied all my gadgets,like i-pod, camera and equipment out of a bag which I had taken along for our previous weekend trip ,and MIRACLE, among all that stuff my ring grinned at me!
That has been X-mas in April (and no April-fool)!

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