Sonntag, April 20, 2008

Spring,Summer, whatever

April 20/08 8:40 p.m.

It is really amazing, how the weather can change from one day to another. Hope is rising, we have full moon today!The crowds milling around in our" recreation area" have been unbelievable, seems that everone hibernating up to now has been venturing out today. Daughter and son-in-law arrived with their bikes, grandson had been invited to a birthday party, parents had time off, so together we went to the beach bar we had visited last nite. Well, it had been quite a difference, we were lucky to get a seating at a table,let alone to get hold of some drinks. The scenery from that place is absolutely marvellous,you look upon the old part of the little town across the river, which on accout of lots of rain carries plenty of water, friendly,fat,white clouds in the otherwise blue sky and the sun dishing out so much warmth you could shed your jacket. In other words, a feeling of summer in the air. And we have been sitting out in our garden,soaking up the sun. Nice, nice, nice.

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