Mittwoch, Dezember 31, 2008

And it went with a Bang

December 31/08 8:02 a.m.

No, dears, not yet the old, for us somewhat hateful 2008. Landfrau is talking about, what else, the Christmastree. Had been both out of the house yesterday, Herr Husband and myself, on different errands. I came home first and there was our tree, looking as if it had turned pirouettes, little angels which sat at it's foot had been whirled around as if they had jumped off a merry- go- round, christmas ornaments on the ground and the light chains trailing up to the living room door, one of them broken. And Herr Hund creeping around with a very bad concience. As I figuered out he had been lying at his favoured spot, head on radiator,looking out into the garden, next to the tree. It is his habit to rush out to the front door barking, if he hears noices outside he does not like. So, something must have upset him and he got entangled in the lightcordes and whirled the tree around till the cord fortunately broke, when he tried to rush to the front door. - Since we were expecting visitors in I had been tickled pink that I now I would have undecorate the tree wreck before they arrived. All the decorations were thrown somewhat loveless into their boxes.
But I have forgiven Herrn Hund, he will receive the ultimative watch dog medal in the shape of a christmas tree.

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Blog Queen hat gesagt…

Ah, poor fellow. We've temporarily given up on Christmas trees until we can figure out how to keep them safe from bumbling dogs (Max), nervous dogs (Rufus), ornament-wrecking cats (Riley) and lametta-eating cats (Schmusi). I had my own last year, and with only guinea pigs in the house, it worked out beautifully. ;)