Sonntag, Dezember 07, 2008

Funny Dreams

December 7/08 ..... 8:31a.m.

To get rid of funny dreams might be the best way to write them down.
Had been wearing ballerinas but one of them did not fit and kept slipping. Had been in a strange place, entrance to a jewish cemetery I wanted to visit, but never got around to do it, because people kept serving food and urging me to eat. Outside a car had been parked with open doors, and on and off rain kept pouring.
Contemplating about dreams brings back a childhood memory. Had been a secondgrader, I think ,anyway not very advanced yet, and we were asked to write down a story of what we had been dreaming. I had been a quite serious,honest child, so meticulously I wrote down my dream I had been having the previous night. At that time my grandmother just had died and I had a kind of scary ,confused dream about her, well, like dreams normally are (see above) .- Teacher called me up in front of the class and asked my what kind of stupidity that was and I had to redo the composition. I felt very humiliated but decided to show her. So I made up a story about me beeing a princess riding in a carriage, well, crap like that. Teacher then praised me and said that this was a nice story.-
Now I swear, this had been my first lesson in lying and how you could better get by by not telling the truth. Still hate that teacher today.

Oh, and ran across one of my posts from 2 years ago,still makes me giggle:

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