Freitag, Dezember 19, 2008

Trimming the Christmas Tree

December 19/08 7:13 p.m. something Landfrau either loves or hates, depends on the occasion. This year it has been a hate occasion, just like two years ago, when I managed to keel it over. This year it has been the battle of the lights. Having read that those light chaines with lights missing are a fire hazzard,decided to get rid of the 2nd chain, since three of the tiny lights were out. Unfortunately only made the decision after I had put it on the tree already and it had nicely intertwined with the first chain, which looks like a candle imposter. Herr Husband offered to run out to get replacement and after "felt" 10 hours (Landfrau already tapping her foot) returned with a device fit to equip a x-mas tree sitting on the open, stormblown deck of an oceangoing vessel batteling a hurricane. It had black wires the size of a baby's arm, really! Was meant for in and outside, but who needed that. So he made a second run to stores one after the other out of light chaines. Finally ended up at a garden market and phoned about the choice to make, because there they had at least four models. Told him to get excactly the same which had the lights missing and got as an answer that he would not know what it looked like. I REMAINED CALM - cross my heart and hope to die! X-mas spirit. Well, described it to him best as I could ,sat down and prayed he might come home with the right one, and, hurrah, he did. Before fitting it I tested it for burning, everything okey doke, put it on, tried the lights - zilch, put it into another socket, same. By then had decided to cancel Christmas. Then Herr Husband came and tried, it worked, seemed I had not pushed it in deep enough, could have sworn I did. My stupidity. With the result of the distribution of lights I am not sooo satisfied, but it has to stay that way. In the meantime 2 lightbulbs went blanc, used the replacements, none left, so should the next one fail, Landfrau is back at where she started from, a chain with missing lights. And merry Christmas to you too!


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Anonym hat gesagt…

Sounds frustrating. I havent put up a tree in years. Considered doing one this year. But I guess that's part of the joy - the adventure in getting things together and working with family.

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

right you are, finally it's worth it! o go ahead and have a great Cristmas.