Samstag, November 08, 2008

Before and After

These are the lucky ones (till X-mas)

November 8/08 8:17 p.m.

It is like with ice scating, free scating and score, cooking the goose is a task Landfrau hates, handling that big,naked ,greasy bird and cleaning all that greeasy stuff, oven etc. afterwards. But tomorrow, feasting on the bird, with dumplings, red cabbage, glazed chestnuts, apple sauce and lots of yummy gravy is another piece of pie I'm telling you. And the chores left for tomorrow are the ones I like, decorating outside with lanterns, setting an attractive table for the family - and tasting the wine! that's nice for sure. Hope the weather holds for the parade, which will pass by our house after dark. All those lanterns carried by toddlers and bigger kids and St. Martin riding in front on a white horse. My younger daughter claims, that for her St. Martin always had been the beginning of the -Xmas time, when she was small. And for Landfrau it is still the beginning of X-mas stress looming ahead, every year again X-mas comes too soon.

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