Donnerstag, November 27, 2008

The ultimative X-mas Dog

November 27/08 8:04 a.m.

Really had a good laugh yesterday. Each X-mas Herr Hund also gets his present from Santa. It's a plate with an assortment of dogs treats, which he is allowed to gobble up at his own time and delight. Of course Santa puts that plate under the tree and when we start our annual X-mas ritual, Herr Hund is the first one to rush into the room for his "present".
So ,stowing away my shoppings I had set a bag with the dog goodie packages at the basement staircase. When Herr Hund started sniffing at the bag, Landfrau told him to stay away,these were the goodies for his X-mas plate. I then asked him where his plate would be and he rushed into the living room right to the spot where we always put up our tree. Also, for a couple of years now, we have a hard time convincing him that it is not X-mas eve yet when we put up the tree and he sporadically goes and checks for his plate. -
This dog really is looking forward to X-mas - for him the spirit is right.

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