Sonntag, November 02, 2008

Lazy Sunday

November 02/08 8.42 p.m.

And the weather has been like velvet. Had a nice bike tour this morning with Herr Hund, who keeps dripping from the mouth, old bugger, so many bitches in heat, such good smells.
In the afternoon we joined daugther No. 2 and family at a very picturesque "Landcafe" set in the middle of fields and packed with people. Fortunately daugther had been wise enough to reserve a table. Son-in-law and grandson arrived with son-in-law's showpiece, a tractor, very appropriate for a "Landcafe". On their way they chased about half a dozen horseback riders, never mind, if you can't stay on top, you should not ride in the open, that's what Landfrau always has been told during her riding career. Must admit that at that time I hated people with noisy,steaming tractors. Well, bygones are bygones. And tonite I have been the lazy bugger, just fixed a pizza toast - and you know, it had been great. Now I am into a nice glass of red wine, life can be good.

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