Samstag, November 29, 2008

Change - The Landfrau Way

November 29/08 ...... 7:55 p.m.

You never heard of? - Here you are: today Landfrau had been very busy, decorating the house for X-mas time, pumpkins out - santas marching in and angels drifting in (you see - change), which would not be too bad if there had not been running from the basement to the atticroom involved ,and that about 10 times. You can not imagine how things can dissolve into thin air within a year, still missing a very fat golden angel, think I have seen the guy around in summer, but now...dissapeared. Probably does not want to sit around looking happy. -Also put up the outside lights on the spiky Ilex. Prickly job! -
Earlier we bought our X-mas tree, it's going to be delivered end of next week, still plenty of time, since in Germany you do not have the decorated tree sitting in the house already weeks before X-mas. Then I had to fix dinner and Herr Hund kept nudging me for his evening walk in the dark. We went up on the levee, which at nite is nice, hardly any bikers who give you the evil eye when you let your dog run free. And it's great to watch the incoming airtraffic,the airport beeing right across the river. You can make out the pattern of their drifting in one after the other,
it's like a line up. And they have their headlights on,great. Well, otherwise you could not see them of course.
Aside from that Landfrau thinks she starts to hate X-mas.

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