Freitag, November 28, 2008

The ultimative X-mas Doll

November 28/08....8:20 a-m-

Now, no worries, dear friends, there will not be an ultimative X-mas story from now on every day till X-mas. But Landfrau thinks this one is a bummer, should be shared. The other day I had the unpleasant task of cleaning the storage room in the basement, what a drag! -anyway, ran across a case of forgotten,rather beat up toys from the girls toddler time. Oldest daughter had a favourite doll, she called Marjolejn (named after a dutch friend long lost) . Now there she was, poor Marjolejn, all beat up, dirty, limp body,sticky hair, she had lost quite some weight on account of gone stuffings. Landfrau thought it a brilliant idea fixing up the doll for the next generation to be put under the tree,charming idea,eh? - Was not so easy, with thread and needle I am not exactly an artist. The result in the end had been quite presentable nevertheless and proud Landfrau went out with little M. to buy her a suitable outfit. She looks real cute now.

Now, during the nite, in bed dozing and contemplating I suddenly had a kind of a hunch that the doll might not be the genuine Marjolejn. Dug out the old photo album right awy,could not wait till morning, and bingo, Marjolejn on photo did not match fixed up Marjolejn.

Gee whizz, an imposter will be sitting under the X -mas tree, I'm afraid.

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