Freitag, November 07, 2008

Poor Goose

November 7/08 2:31 p.m.

Still running around, thinking it can live happily ever after. Tough luck, will be it's last day tomorrow. I see those geese milling around almost the whole year, they arrive as small yellow fluffy gooslings at the place of our aspargus/strawberry farmer in springtime. From then on they have a very happy life outside on the meadows. When I drive by with the car or the bike, I am glad that the one I am going to pick up tomorrow does not run around with a sign with our name on it. Then I would not be able to eat it, that's for sure. But so it is going to be our feast" in honour of St. Martin" on sunday and we will be joined by daugther , son-in-law and grandson. Lots of preparing to do till then.

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