Sonntag, November 09, 2008

The Feast

November 9/08 10:40 p.m. over and the goose has vanished and believe me, it had been real good. Aside from almost burning the red cabbage, everything went well. That we could not say about our guests, first we had a phonecall from daughter, if we happen to have cool packs in the house. The hockey kid got a ball smack into the face and was harbouring a black eye, very attractive. But he is a tough cookie.Then later on son-in-law got his finger in between the closing terrace door, when he came in after putting wood onto the kiva stove. He is a tough cookie too by the way, denied the cool pack. Herr Husband is permanently disabled, that left daughter and Landfrau, but the two of us decided to stay in one healthy piece for that night. For Landfrau night is not over yet, but I am full of hope. Herr Hund had his feast after the guests left, he got the tidbits from the carcass.
The parade had been nice to look at, noticed that there are more and more young families in the village, which is good. And our decorations were nice to look at too, nothing went up in flames.

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