Freitag, Mai 30, 2008

Almost End of the World

May 30/08 4:24 p.m. had been this morning for daughter No.2 and son-in-law, both their cars got damaged severely by a tremendous hailstorm with hailstones as big as tennis balls - and both cars are fairly new. O.k.,daughter's car is a company car, but nevertheless. And our son-in-law just carries a liability insurance,so...tough luck. They only live about 8 kms beeline from our place, but around here, except for some rain, nothing happened. If it would have beaten up my Mini
you could have seen and heard me cry! -

And I had been spoiled today, taken out for lunch by Montana boy who lives in Texas now. He had his joung assistant with him, who is in Germany first time in his life. His mother's family originally comes from Düsseldorf, small world. They are staying in a hotel near Essen, nothing to yearn for, but Düsseldorf and vicinity are packed on account of a big fair.

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