Samstag, Mai 17, 2008

Funny Side to Everything

May 17/08 3:40 p.m.

Nothing can be so bad, that there is'nt a funny side to it. The side effect of our patient's (who, by the way is making nice progress) narcotics is, what I call his own home movie show in his head. A day ago Frankfurt daughter asked me about the mosque right at the parking lot (which can be seen from his hospital window) where all the moslems came out of in pouring rain and milling around on the parking lot. So I told daughter that I must have missed the place but would have a look next visit. - Could not spot any mosque and by asking our patient, he pointed it out to me and told me the same story,only as an additional feature he said, that there had been a ghost in a long gown coming out of the attic window and dancing on the roof. Fact is, you can not even see a building, there are big trees covering the opposite. - There had been other incidents, when we had been talking quite normally and suddenly he told me very funny things in between. At first I had been worried, but not any more after I learned the reason and that it would wear off .
I am glad he has no nightmares, have been told some patients have. So I rather listen to his "colourful" stories.

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