Sonntag, Mai 11, 2008

Intensive Care

May 11/08 10:36 p.m.

I simply admire the people, doctors and nurses, doing duty at intensive care. And that at low pay and irregular hours. Have been visiting that place now for two days and must say, it gives me the creeps. All that machinerie the patients are hooked up to, and most of them lying there like already gone. Fortunately our patient is quite talkative,even if you can hardly make out what he is talking about. One thing though, he worries - about the whereabout of his bag, the machine he is attached to and what have you . No wonder he has a bad heart . The doctors are quite positive, although his lung function has to be improved, but there he has to work along by blowing into several devices. Tomorrow is another holiday, on tuesday he should be moved to the regular ward.

My day today I passed running around in my car. This morning to a birthday party of an old friend, she is the mother of my godson. Had to use my tom-tom navigation device first try. We are not quite friends yet, halfway it put me in front of an icecream parlor, fortunately the place had been fenced off, I would have ended up at the counter. - little joke -
Then to daugther's place to pick her up for the hospital run, later on dropping daughter off again and driving home to look after "Herr Hund", who by now starts to develop hospitalism.
So I took him along tonite to son-in-law's birthday party, Barbeque, where he could fight with his buddy mad Max for dropped sausages. He did not puke in my car, good dog! -

So, tomorrow same routine, without the parties.

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