Mittwoch, Mai 14, 2008

Testing the repaired Heart

May 14/08 6:20 p.m.

That's what we did today, m.o.m.l. and Landfrau. First of all, patient is doing very well and recuperating amazingly fast. the bloodpressure thing is still a problem (one which can be solved, I hope). But now for the "test". Wen I wanted to leave the hospital today, m.o.m.l. asked me where I had put his three credit cards.
Landfrau: I do not have them.
moml: I gave them to you, when I checked into the hospital
Landfrau: ???
moml: I clearly remember handing them over to you, where are they?
Landfrau, searching her purse and wallet,no cards -
and..I never got them.
moml: my god, our accounts are robbed now, look at home, call me right away!
Landfrau: calm down, they are not lost I'll find them.
moml. No, you wont, they are gone, they are gone, call me right away, if they are at home.

Well, looked of course right awy at home, no cards, and barely had I entered the house, the phone rang. Have you found them? Me: ehm, no, but calm down, no I wont calm down, keep looking, (well, thats what I did, all the time). Finally I had the idea to look into his locked away wallet, and there, three credit cards grining at me,which I certainly had not put there.

But the repaired heart took the first test with flying colours.

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