Dienstag, Mai 20, 2008

Downtown - Construction Site

May 20/08 7:08 p.m.

This city at the riverside is slowly but surely dying of traffic infarkt. Have never seen and sourrounded so many orange vested workers,who put up orange white striped ,whatever you call them, hats,bowling pins ? I would not know. Construction sites all over the place and the utmost has been beeing stuck in a parking garage, had the choice between clausterphobia or fumes poisoning, on accout of a mobile construction site, which slowed down the outgoing cars tremendously. And what crept in front of me on the way home? A slowpoke truck with construction equipment. And what kept running up and down our street,when I finally got home? A noisy device with a big sandshovel, because since two weeks they are digging up our street on account of new water pipes. Glory hallelujah, by then I could have thrown myself onto the floor and bitten into the carpet. -
Tomorrow m.o.m.l. can be picked up and taken home, and he will leave, i.e. beeing picked up, by the Reha Clinic transport service on monday. He has made good progress and the professor is very satisfied with him. Still , I am a bit scared if we can manage around here till monday, our house is not excactly handicap -equipped. Well, will take it step by step.

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